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When To Call A Tax Attorney

Taxes, audits, filings can all be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know whom to call when the questions start to pile up. You can always contact the IRS directly with general questions about [...]

What To Do When You Owe Taxes

A lot of people actually get excited about tax season. Why? Because they are lucky enough to get a tax refund. But what happens when you aren't so lucky and you owe taxes one year? [...]

Taxpayer Rights Can Be Hidden in the Fine Print

The IRS is required to provide a notice of rights to the taxpayer, however, this important information is typically written in a fashion that can easily go unnoticed by the average person and even a [...]

Reducing Tax Debt with Penalty Abatement

When a tax debt is owed and the deadline to pay the amount in full has passed, the IRS begins to apply late payment penalties against the debt. This in turn increase the amount of [...]

IRS Warns About Fake Tax Notice Scam

As the new tax season approaches it is important for taxpayers and tax preparers to be extra diligent and aware of possible tax scams. Review for up to date announcements and reports of [...]

IRS Audits

The IRS performs audits to verify the accuracy of tax returns and insure that taxpayers are in compliance with tax law. Many people are afraid of being audited but it should be known that audits [...]

Filing for Separation of Liability Relief

When you file jointly on a tax return both you and your spouse are held liable for any taxes due to the government. This is called joint and several liability. This can also apply to [...]

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